Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"News On Your Timeshare"

So that was the subject line of an e-mail I recently received.  News on my timeshare...sounds interesting..

"Want to sue your timeshare company?" was the headline.  Sue your timeshare company...hmmm, let's see.  It continues..

"Are you tired of paying endless maintenance fees on a timeshare that you can't or no longer want to use?  The Law Offices of _____________ has a 30 year track record of helping homeowners who have been the victim of fraud and misrepresentation.  We go after timeshare companies for misrepresentation and not letting you use the time you paid for."

It goes on to talk about free (there's word I don't like) evaluation.  Some of the questions were:

Were you told that your timeshare was an interest in real propery?
Have you had difficulty in booking dates for your travel?
Have your maintenance fees been increasing?
And my favorite two questions:

Are you willing to "walk away" and be released from your timeshare obligation?
Were you told that you were a finalist in a drawing to get you to the presentation?

I can't be certain, but I'd be willing to bet that this attorney (if he is one) is nothing more than yet another organization that will take your paid of timeshare for a few thousand dollars, leaving the annual fees unpaid, creating a burden on the timeshare resort and the other owners.

While in some perverse way, I'm impressed with this guy's chutzpah and pitch, I'm more saddened that this is probably working on many unsuspecting timeshare owners.

When will timeshare resorts step up to the plate to do something about this?  It CAN be done.  Want help?  Let me know.

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