Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some Wise Words From Sarah Smith In Torquay

In the Winter/Spring 2012 Edition of Sharetime ( there is a excellent article written by Sarah Smith, Club Manager of The Osborne in Torquay.

Here's some of what she said:

"Just as important to us to have a VisitEngland tourist grading, it is essential that in the timeshare industry we are a bona fide resort."

"The present challenges of the timeshare industry are well documented and The Osborne is no exception in facing an aging ownership and how to regenerate the membership in the present economic climate."

"There could be far more press endorsements of the benefits of timeshare in the travel sections of newspapers.  Many people don't understand how a timeshare resort works, and do not realize it is open to anyone who wishes to rent a week."

While some may read this and be discouraged, I am (for a change) actually encouraged by Sarah's article.  It is evident that the timeshare industy in the UK faces many, if not all, of the same challenges that we in the US do.  So I'm encouraged because this presents great opportunities for all of us to work together to not only have a united front to the media and to owners, but to prospective owners and increase worldwide acceptance and ownership.

Thanks Sarah for a terrific article and to TATOC and Sharetime for a wonderful publication.

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