Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebration World Resort/Festiva Update

Wanted to set the record straight:

Festiva, who recently took over Celebration World Resort in Kissimmee, Florida is NOT charging a fee or special assessment to those owners who choose to say with Celebration adn RCI Points.

More to follow.


  1. For everyone scammed by Festiva Orlando/Celebration World Resort please read the following information on the class action suite that has been filed.
    I have spoken to the atty's office and have been truley enlightend to the facts of this fraud. The phone number for the atty is included.
    Please consider joining the growing numbers of us being represented.


    Finn Law Group Announces Class Action Suit on Behalf of Timeshare Owners

    Wed Mar 13, 2013

    Florida lawsuit alleges unfair and deceptive practices in the sale of timeshare upgrades

    ORLANDO, Fla.
    The Finn Law Group P. A. has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of timeshare owners at Festiva`s Orlando Resort, formerly known as Celebration World Resort, alleging that the resort`s developers and managers have engaged in unfair and deceptive practices in the sale of timeshare upgrades and reservation point allocation.

    The class action lawsuit, Reeves, et al. v. Zealandia Holding Company Inc., et al., case no. 2013 CA 000886 MF, was filed March 1 in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, in Osceola County.

    The suit alleges that, beginning in 2004, approximately 900 parties purchased timeshare interests in Celebration World Resort Owners Association, located in Kissimmee, Fla., from B. L. Vacation Ownership Inc. Between 2008 and 2011, representatives of B. L. Vacation Ownership sold upgrades to existing timeshare owners that would increase the number of points they had to apply to timeshare reservations.

    After the homeowners purchased the upgrades, B.L. Vacations sold the resort to Festiva Hospitality Group, now known as Zealandia Holding Co., and the resort`s name was changed to Festiva`s Orlando Resort. After the sale, the lawsuit alleges, the reservation point system was changed and the upgrades that had been purchased by the timeshare owners were not honored.

    The suit names the Orlando Homeowners Association, B.L. Vacation Ownership Inc., Zealandia Holding Co. and its subsidiary and affiliate companies, and RCI LLC as defendants. The suit alleges that one or more of the defendants:

    * Violated the resort`s declaration of covenants by improperly reallocating reservation points
    * Violated the resort`s declaration of covenants for failing to give proper notice of the reallocation
    * Breached the fiduciary duty owed to the timeshare owners * Violated Section 721.18(5) of Florida`s timeshare law

    The timeshare owners seek a refund, rescission of the upgrade sales contracts, attorneys` fees and other relief the court deems proper.

    The Finn Law Group, which has offices in Florida and Michigan, represents consumers in timeshare and fractional real estate matters. For more information, contact Michael D. Finn by calling 855-346-6529 or

    Legal Media Matters
    Geri L. Dreiling, 3

  2. Hi- My husband I are in Australia and have only just realised all of this was going on!! Young family so no travel recently. I notice that the posts have stopped is there any update from anyone. We brought shares at CWR in 2004 and no don't even have enough point to do anything. Any news would be appreciated.

  3. I am posting this again as more people continue to post on this thread. PLEASE visit the newer thread for updates.

    Here again is the latest from the law firm handling the Class Action suit. Again, this comes from the firm and NOT from me:

    RE: Class Action Law Suit Concerning Festiva / Celebration World Resorts / RCI

    Thank you for your inquiry to Finn Law Group regarding your claim against one or more of the above referenced defendants.

    If your claim involves a significant reduction of your allotted RCI points after Festiva took over management of the Celebration World Resort in Orlando, Florida, you are a potential member of a class that has yet to be certified as a class by the Federal Court that has jurisdiction of this pending case filed by our clients' who have alleged similar facts against these defendants.

    You may review and monitor the pending case file on an ongoing basis by following the HTML link that is posted on or by directly accessing the court's website at (Orlando Division, Case No. 6:13-cv-597-GKS-TBS).

    If the Court certifies the class you will be notified of your right to either participate as a member of the class or "opt-out" and pursue a remedy on your own. You do not need to be concerned about being contacted timely as the Court will oversee the notification process and we will have access to the resort records to determine who is a potential class member. If you would like to supply us with your contact information (through, we will be happy to retain that information and notify you at the appropriate time.

    I am sorry to advise you that because of our own administrative limitations we cannot provide updates or individual responses to you due to the extensive estimated class size.