Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vacation Club AT A Timeshare?

I saw this ad over the weekend and was a bit surprised...

SALES —— Orlando's Top Selling Vacation Club Is Hiring Again! We are now celebrating our 3rd year of incredible sales success! We have the best problem in the industry...Lots of tours, not enough reps. Come join the team with the winning formula for Vacation Club Sales Our top reps are earning 17% commissions and Podium Speakers are crushing it with the highest average sales price of ANY club in Orlando, No Exceptions! If you are able to go "A-Z", "Front-to-Back" or deliver dynamic podiums, No License required. Timeshare experience a Plus but not needed. Bring your best attitude and a smile Come see us at Calypso Cay Resort. 4951 Calypso Cay Way Kissimmee Fl. 34746 WEB OS22354

Surprised because the last time I checked, Calypso Cay was a timeshare resort still in active sales.  How does a timeshare project support a vacation club sales pitch on their property?  What do the owners think about it?  Who does the vacation club market to?

I've never been a huge fan of vacation clubs, probably because I've never had direct experience with one that worked, was a great value and didn't take away rights and inventory from actual timeshare owners.  But HOW does a vacation club work at a timeshare?

Work there?  Own there?  Let's hear from you!

Lasr I knew, Calypso Cay was a timeshare resort still in active sales.   Is this no longer the case?

And how does a vacation club salesforce pitch against timeshare when they're holding their pitches at a timeshare resort?  Do they pitch to timeshare owners, as the now defunct vacation club at Celebration World Resort used to do?

Anyone who owns at Calypso Cay wanr to chime in?

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