Thursday, June 7, 2012

Complaints, Education and Good News

I just spent an entertaining 30 minutes online looking at various timeshare complaints...I know that my idea of entertaining may not be yours.

I'm left continually stunned by the lack of education that some consumers have about timeshare and why the industry doesn't fully embrace this education process that Timeshare Insights and other organizations are working towards.

There were complaints against both RCI and II about marketing packages, maintenance fees and resale values.  There were complaints against resorts having to do with exchanges and again, resale values.

People using words like "scam" and "ripoff" when they clearly don't understand exchanges, values or marketing.

You would think that for no other reason than to get themselves off the hook, timeshare organizations would embrace a comprehensive timeshare education system.  To say nothing of having an answer for so-called "experts" like Clark Howard who is famous for his "I wouldn't take a timeshare if it was given to me" rants and raves.

The bad news is that same old still holds in the traditional timeshare thinking.  The good news, the really good news is that by year's end, there are going to be at least two new organizations that are going to bring some long overdue education, information, transparency and help to consumers.  The benefits will also be there for the "good guys" in the industry, and there are MANY good guys within the ranks.

Stay's going to be exciting.


  1. Lisa Ann:

    Who are the organizations and how can we help?

    Sue Couture, Office Manager
    Lake Forest Resort & Club

  2. Sue: Many thanks for asking and wanting to be involved. You are truly one of the GOOD GUYS! Stay tuned...nothing to report immediately, but I'll be sure to keep you in the loop!

  3. Lisa Ann:

    We are one of the GOOD GUYS! We're the first successful timeshare resort in Wisconsin and we're still going strong. We've been fortunate to have stable management and an owner base that is committed to keeping the resort viable. Sure, we have our problems but we're trying to prevail. Look forward to hearing from you and let me know if there is anything else we can do to help the cause.

    Sue Couture, Office Manager
    Lake Forest Resort & Club (new website coming soon!)

  4. Sue: Congrats to you and to Lake Forest. I'd love to continue this conversation and bring your story to light. Perhaps a visit to Wisconsin is in order!