Monday, June 11, 2012

Sales Training 101?

As most of you know, I was a full-time timeshare salesperson from 2000 to mid 2004 at which point, I left to start Timeshare Insights, with a clear understanding that I would be able to do more as a writer, educator and consultant.
I mention this because I recently came across some “sales training”…actually, one piece of paper that looked like this:


  1. Real vacation commitment.  Close them on this.  Don’t move on until commitment is reached. 
  2. Real ANYWAY money.  Must get SOLID commitment or you will get money objections at end.
  3. MAKE THEM WANT IT!!!  Journal Pitch
  4. Revisit ANYWAY monies before you show the price!!!
Should be simple enough!!!

Laughable, isn’t it?  Back in the dark ages, i.e. 2000 and 2001 when I was learning the ropes, my “steps to a sale” were more complex and in-depth than this.  And yet, here we are halfway through 2012 and this is what is being “taught” to salespersons?

Not only does it not address any solid objections that the consumer may have, it makes it sound like consumers are just going to roll over, dig in their wallets and hand over a credit card for $20,000.

I especially like #2…where they mention the ANYWAY monies.  Rather hard to do a “pitch” on the ANYWAY monies if the client is paying $99 for a 4 night stay at the resort and getting two attraction tickets.  Let’s see…$99 a year for 20 years would amount of $2,000…and an average timeshare is $20,000?  There are no ANYWAY monies!

Timeshare sales was without doubt the hardest, yet one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had.  I knew that I was helping people have better vacations which they deserved.  What soured it for me, and continues to sour it for consumers everywhere is the fact that the money doesn’t add up, the questions never quite get answered and the salesperson is still in their 1980s mode.

Wake up timeshare industry…it's 2012. 


  1. Haha. Money doesn't add up! No kidding!

    When I went to timeshare "presentations" I always asked them to make the money add up. They didn't like that!

    "Show me why this makes sense financially". They couldn't do it.

    As soon as the timeshare industry figures out how to put the value in the deal they will be able to be taken seriously. As it is now timeshare can only be sold by blue suede shoe operators using high pressure tactics.

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