Monday, July 16, 2012

Going Opposite In Timeshare

I've just finished a great book by Daniel Burrus and John David Mann entitled; "Flash Foresight-How To See The Invisible And Do The Impossible."

In it, the authors talk about seven pillars if you will of flash foresight and why it is so vital in today's business environment.  The pillars are:

*  Start With Certainty
*  Anticipate
*  Transform
*  Take Your Biggest Problem-And Skip It
*  Go Opposite
*  Redefine And Reinvent
*  Direct Your Future

Great topics, huh?  And it is clear that all of them can be used in timeshare.

I'd like to focus on "Go Opposite" for a minute.  Here are some of the action steps that the authors talk about:

*  Make a list of everything your competitors are doing and then look at each item on the list and ask yourself, How can I gain an advantage by doing the opposite?

*  What is the current way of thinking regarding any subject in your industry?  Then, think the opposite to see new opportunities.

*  The future always wins.  Know that "the way we've always done it" is almost certain to become obsolete-and soon.  The pathway that will be most profitable in the years ahead is the pathway nobody is taking yet.  It can be done, it will be done---and if you don't do it, someone else will.

WOW.  Where have I heard all this before other than in this blog of course?  I've said for years that the current marketing/sales/operation paradigm in timeshare is obsolete and that the timeshare company that has the "chutzpah" or the courage of their own convictions to actually break away from the pack---especially a pack that is operating as it if was still 1995---has everything to gain.

Timeshare is just like any other industry.  Clinging to the notion that it somehow "different" (translation:  better) will be its downfall.  The upside?  It's not too late.

Go Opposite and win.

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