Monday, July 2, 2012

Mick Jagger And Timeshare Scams

This morning started out with yet another consumer advisory issued by my good friends at TATOC in the UK.

This time, some dude going by the name of Allen Davis got $2,600 from a timeshare owner using both the TATOC name and logo.

While these types of "transactions" MUST be stopped, I also must put some burden of responsibility on the consumer.  I mean, it's not like there weren't any red flags:

1)  A cursory Google search will show that TATOC does not sell, buy or rent timeshares.
2)  Mr. Davis claimed that TATOC stood for "Timeshare Association Timeshare Owners
     Commity."  Really, what does "commity" mean anyway?
3)  The "contract for purchase" was in the amount of $13,000 for...wait for it...10,000
      Worldmark points.

If timeshare owners are NOT going to listen to repeated advisories coming at them from TATOC, Timeshare Insights, TimeSharing Today, the NTOA,,, TUG and others about not doing business with any timeshare related company that initiates contact, and it is clear that those advisories are for the most part being ignorned, can't we at least get the word out to do some sort of basic checking before handing over $2,600?

Like Mick Jagger said at Altamont..."brothers and sisters can't we all just get along?"  WHY is it so hard for everyone involved in the legitimate side of timeshare to get behind ONE good message to timeshare owners out there?


  1. You know guys, for us not to fall into scams we should have extra precautionary measure in dealing with this kind of contract, plus you should have a good knowledge about it.

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