Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Demanding More From Timeshare Resorts

I heard today from a new owner who was frustrated.  He had purchased at Island One Resorts more than three months ago, but hadn't received anything from either the resort or the exchange company.  Nothing had been processed and he had no access to any benefits.

This is not, unfortunately, unusual.  It was routine at the last timeshare resort that I worked at for the paperwork to sit, unprocessed for 5 or 6 months, even though the owner had paid a full downpayment, or in many cases, paid in full, including RCI membership fees.

In addition to not being fair...something which everyone, including my mother tells me was never promised to me...this strikes me as being just plain wrong.

The timeshare owner has 14 days or less, depending on local laws, to cancel or rescind the timeshare purchase.  We all know this isn't really enough time to properly digest and comprehend everything, but that's an issue that will be covered in April in an exciting, new initiative I'm proposing.

Shouldn't the timeshare resort be held to the same time period?  It's time for timeshare owners to start demanding more rather than sitting by and letting things be as they always have been.


  1. Hi I am part of the class act. Has anyone received any updates from Finn Law recently. Thanks

  2. Hello yes I received the deedback documents a few months ago, I had to get them notarised and posted these off. I also spoke to RCI in the UK yo close my account as they were chasing me for this years annual membership fee. Maxine