Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Name Changes...What Exactly Is Going On Here?

Really, there is MUCH to report on in timeshare land...recap of the recent ARDA conference, update on International Timeshare Appreciation Day 2013, the launch of a new timeshare MLS site that's free for consumers and has lots of things that are missing from the current services available, more pending "Five and Almost 10 With..." interviews, recapping the brilliant Five Year Plan from TATOC...and yet, this week, I'm drawn yet again to the ongoing escapdes with Festiva/Patton Hospitality.

If you are new to this blog...welcome and before you continue, I urge you to read the previous posts and comments regarding the former Celebration World Resort, Festiva Hospitality and RCI.  Big, important issues there.

I was made aware of a letter than some owners of the former Celebration World Resort recently received with the subject being "Important information regarding your vacation week".  Here's the letter in full:

We are excited to announce that Festiva Management Group is now Patton Hospitality Management.  With the ever changing world of vacation ownership, we are changing as well to offer you programs that create value and benefits through all stages of your vacation ownership. From owner rental programs to new exchange benefits to new vacationing opportunities, Patton Hospitality Management gives you reasons to ‘Expect More’ than ever before from your management company.

We would like to introduce you to This professionally managed rental portal designed as a resource for timeshare owners to market their timeshare to millions of online vacationers searching for vacationing opportunities in your property’s destination. has a proven rental track record with more than $30 million in rental revenues for timeshare owners since 2010!

In addition to a core database of more than 100,000 renters to the desinations where your property is located, works with an extensive network of online global distribution systems to market your property though as well as many additional online travel partners. Once in our program, our revenue management team will consider all factors of demand, market conditions and competition to maximize the occupancy and revenues you can achieve.

Plus, it's easy to get started.
The entire process to list your unit with can be done online in only 5 minutes and costs $5* when you enroll by April 30th and use promotion code VC1.

This is just one of the many new and exciting programs offered by
Patton Hospitality Management. We look forward to working with you on this and other valuable programs in the months and years to come.


Patton Hospitality Management

Huh?  What?  Festiva is now Patton?  Why?  And why are they assuming that timeshare owners want to rent out their week?  And why bother charging the $5.00?  Did this letter go to all Festiva owners or just owners at the Orlando resort?  Is Festiva/Patton changing their business model?  What are the implications for current owners?

There's a ton more question that I and owners have.  We all know that Festiva is monitoring this I'm reaching out to them for answers.  If any owners have opinions...and I know you do...we want to hear from you as well.


  1. To me it look like a new scam !!!!

  2. At the annual meeting of festiva orlando resort they told us that patton hospitality was just a managment company and now it look like it will replace festiva ?

  3. Anything new with CWR and the Class Action Law Suit?

  4. Here is the information about the lawsuit.

    The class action lawsuit, Reeves, et al. v. Zealandia Holding Company Inc., et al., cause no. 13-CA-866-MF, was filed March 1 in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, in Osceola County.