Thursday, December 5, 2013

Issues With and Consequences of The Manhattan Club

Timeshare Insights and other organizations have been made aware of several situations with The Manhattan Club in New York City that in addition to affecting thousands of owners there, have far reaching implications for ALL timeshare owners.

Most of the owner issues boil down to these issues:

1)    Soaring annual fees averaging more than $2,000 per interval

2)    Inability for owners to use their interval

3)    Ability for non-owners to rent inventory for substantially less than the annual fees when owners are being shut out

4)    Flip-flopping of Manhattan Club management on buying back intervals from owners who want out

5)    Lack of resale value…if the Manhattan Club management made an offer to purchase back an interval, the offer was around $100

6)    Assuming the management will agree to take the interval back, Manhattan Club owners must pay the 2014 maintenance fee in full if they want to sell it back to the management even though this means they will not have use of the interval.

While this blog and other organizations advocate on behalf of timeshare owners, it is imperative to remember that any and all oral representations that were made during or subsequent to a sales presentation cannot be held actionable.  So, while many owners purchased one or more intervals at The Manhattan Club with the intent to use it “when they wanted to” or “on weekends” because that’s what the salesperson or management said, there is little that can be done on a legal basis as these were oral representations, not written.

However, we strongly believe that positive change can occur when an entity such as The Manhattan Club is faced with not one, not ten, not hundreds, but thousands of  owners dealing with issues that can only be termed “unfair” and “lacking morality.”

This and many other issues facing timeshare owners clearly and succinctly illustrate the need for owners get education, have their documents thoroughly reviewed by a professional with timeshare knowledge and band together.

As always this blog encourages comments and feedback from individual owners as well as resort management.

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