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Guest Blogger Mark Bell Reviews The Crane Beach Resort

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The Crane Beach Resort & Residential Resort Review

Location: Crane Beach, Barbados, Caribbean

Located on Barbados, is where you will find the world famous Crane Beach Resort and the Crane Residential Resort. The Crane Beach is called "one of the Ten Best Beaches in the world" by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. One of the Caribbean's first resort hotel's is the Crane and was open first in 1887, but has now been completely expanded and restored to make a very unique property that combines incredible beauty, old world charm with romance in a secluded setting.  Even though Barbados is a small island, it is large in character and steeped in tradition, culture and history. The natural charm it exudes is uniquely Bajan, which pleasantly surprises many visitors with the sleepy villages.

Crane Beach has for centuries been sought by visitors and locals for its serenity and natural beauty, power soft pink sand and lush coconut groves. The Crane is located on the southeast side of the island. Sea bathing, in the 18th century was considered improper in public for ladies, but by 1769 it had become so popular that at least one bathing place was constructed close to The Crane. People referred to it as the "Horse" and could be reached by steps cut into the sea cliff. Today, the stairs going to the "Horse" can still be seen from the far south side of The Crane, similar to the way they were in 1769.

The Crane Beach Resort is a 200-year-old historic building containing 15 suites on 40 acres that overlooks a half mile of ocean frontage with some of the most beautiful beaches of coral sand in the world that are lined with mature coconut groves. Out of the eleven parishes that all offer different traits, Saint Philip parish is the one on the south eastern side of Barbados that contains The Crane. This area is unique with small villages and the only "dependency" of Barbados called Culpepper Island. Culpepper Island is a tiny rock in the ocean that is used as a feeding ground for sheep and cannot be reached without a boat except at low tide when you can walk across.

Some of the other parishes in Barbados include Saint Andrew with its picturesque, limestone hills, and Christ Church parish with its action packed night life, just to name a few. Just between these two, vacationers will find something to satisfy each and every desire. Known for their sand, sun and sea, Barbados goes above and beyond what most Caribbean Islands offer, an experience here will touch your very heart and soul. Surrounding The Crane, the area combines warm golden sunlight, sparkling blue waters and lush tropical greenery.  For those looking for somewhere to get away from it all and relax in the sea, sand and sun, come to Barbados and The Crane Beach Resort & Residential Resort for you next vacation, where you will find a tropical paradise in a place of stunning beauty. At least according to "Top 50 Places to Go Before You Die," "Top 25 Sexiest Beaches in the World," and "The Caribbean's 10 Best Hotel Villas - 2013."

The Crane Beach Resort & Residential Resort Accommodations

The Crane offers luxurious accommodations that include rooftop terraces, gardens and private pools to name a few. This combined with its award winning restaurants offering many cuisines including Contemporary Caribbean, Italian, Japanese and Thai make this resort one you will never forget. Also included in the guest accommodations is complimentary Wi-Fi in every guest room, even on the Crane Beach and complimentary long distance phone calls, shopping, the best spa services, and open air markets. One thing that makes this resort the ultimate in paradise is the swimming pool that is only accessible by either a staircase or a glass front beach elevator, that is protected by a natural coral reef.

Of all the swimming venues on Barbados, this is not only the best, it is also the only one of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean. Other than its safety, it has a gentle descent from shallow to deep and the sand is so soft on your feet. The Crane Residential Resort include superb suites in its private residences, luxury oceanfront accommodation with incredible ocean views. All suites offer very spacious living areas, stone or hardwood floors, private ocean view pools, authentic Barbadian furnishings and 12' ceilings. All 15 of these incredible suites also include safety deposit boxes, hair dryer and razor point, iron and ironing board and a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette that is perfect for dining al fresco on large terraces or dining inside.

The Crane Residential Resort Suite Details

There are 15 suites that include Junior Garden View suites, One Bedroom Ocean View suites, One Bedroom Ocean View with Plunge Pool suites, One Bedroom Ocean View with 28' Pool, Two Bedroom Ocean View with Plunge Pool, Two Bedroom Ocean View with 28' Pool, Two Bedroom Ocean View Penthouse and Three Bedroom Ocean View Penthouse. Each unit is cooled by a constant breeze off the ocean and even though AC is not necessary, it is available for free based on how much you use. All units have a TV, telephone, coffee maker, toaster, mini-fridge, a king size bed in the 1BR units, one king sized bed plus a pull out sofa in the 2 BR units and 2 king sized beds and a pull out sofa in the 3 BR units.

All other suites include 1 BR and 1 marble bathroom with a jacuzzi bath, separate toilet room and separate shower; sleeps 2 adults, bay windows, cable TV with DVD, living area, terrace or balcony with table, and two chairs. The One Bedroom Ocean View Suites includes 1 BR and 2 bathrooms one of which is a private bath with a jacuzzi bath, large dressing room, spacious wardrobe, spa shower with multiple shower heads and separate toilet room; the guest bathroom has a shower, toilet and vanity. It sleeps 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. The master bedroom includes cable TV with DVD, the living area includes cable TV with DVD, sofa and soft bed and large dining table. The kitchen is fully equipped with fridge/freezer, ice dispenser, utensils, stove and oven. Unit includes a washer/dryer, large balcony with table, chairs, sun loungers and view of the ocean.

The Crane Beach Resort & Residential Resort are both affiliated to RCI as Gold Crown resorts.



  1. What is this? An advertisement for the Crane in a site intended to inform people about the possible pitfalls of purchasing a product that you can only sell at a fraction of its value? Who are you working for, or is this a joke?

    1. This is not an advertisement. I don't allow advertisements on the blog. We do offer Guest Bloggers the opportunity to review resorts from time to time. You are free to do the same.

    2. Kindly excuse my insistence, but I am very familiar with this resort and much the "blogger's" language repeats what you will find in the Crane's own advertisements. This is an immediate give-away to those familiar with the resort and its advertising methods. To those unfamiliar, even a cursory read reveals how glaringly this comes off as an advertisement and not an honest review by somebody who was just a mere guest, unless, so lacking in imagination of his own, he just lifted these "impressions and remembrances" from the Crane's online adverts. Shameful!