Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Steve Burton Reviews Carlsbad Seapoint Resort

Our intrepid reviewer Steve Burton is back!  If you'd like to contribute a resort review, we'd love to have you as a Guest Blogger.

Carlsbad Seapointe Resort (3987)


This resort is located a short drive from the village of Carlsbad. It is also close to a busy road and a railway line which serves both Amtrak and the coaster commuter service that runs between San Diego and Oceanside. The resort is just five minutes’ walk to Poinsetta station so it’s convenient for the coaster service.  Some people find the noise of the trains to be annoying but I am not one of these people as I have an interest in trains be it in my own country i.e. the UK or in the USA.

The units at this resort are of a high standard and the resort is very clean and tidy. There is a good activities programme and two swimming pools at the resort one being for adults only. A car would be helpful but in my view is not essential because of the close proximity to Poinsetta station.

I visited Southern California in April and May and what surprised me was how cool and cloudy it was for most of my five week visit to the area. I am used to visiting Florida at that time of years so it was quite a shock to the system to note that most of the time the temperature was only in the sixties with a cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean. I was soon made aware by locals of the terms May Gray and June Gloom.

There is so much to do in the area be it Legoland which is only a five minute drive away. I particularly enjoyed visiting San Diego Zoo and the Wild animal park. It was also enjoyable taking the tram from San Diego down to the border with Mexico. A visit to Old town San Diego is also an enjoyable experience and it is easy to get there using the coaster train. If you don't wish to drive to Los Angeles there is a commuter train that runs from Oceanside to Los Angeles.

There is a beach close to the resort but you have to cross a busy road to reach it and it is not the best beach in the area. However taking everything into account this is one of the better timeshare resorts that I have visited since becoming a member of RCI back in 1980. I hope to be able to return again at some time in the future.


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