Monday, April 21, 2014

Update About The Ongoing Issues At The Manhattan Club

I'm posting this on behalf of a group of Manhattan Club owners who are involved on the pending litigation with the Manhattan Club.

The following is NOT my statement as I am NOT affected or involved with this case.  I have deleted three words for that reason.

If you have documentation, please send it to me at and I will forward them to the person collecting the data.

This is our first phase!  We need documentation to prove the Manhattan Club is ___.


We are assembling information related to ownership, prices, unit numbers and model, and purchase dates.  A maintenance fee history is also important.  Also, did you pay for your unit in full?  Did you receive documents attesting you paid in full? This information is helpful for the lawyer.  Additionally, we are amassing structured information about difficulties in making reservations, difficulty in selling, anything else you think of that would help us fight this ___, etc.  (If someone sells their unit for a hundred dollars or one dollar or some other outrageous price, they disappear from the field of battle since they're no longer interested - nonetheless, we shouldn't lose track of them.  They may be of interest in the future as 'past owners'.  And we should have them in the database.)


Please send me this information. It will be put in database and shared with the group and the attorney.


We are currently working on a database of every single New York State legislator, city councilor, New York and Company member, the governor, the mayor, the district attorney, and office of consumers affairs to ease sending out emails and documentation on this ___.


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