Monday, September 15, 2014

Do Timeshare Owners Need Looking After?

While there are a minority of timeshare owners who may think that they don't need anyone to look out after them, the vast majority of them around the world find themselves looking for unbiased help after every timeshare sales presentation, 'owner update', raised maintenance fee, special assessment, 'offer to buy' their timeshare, unfulfilled exchange or worse, bankrupt resort notice.

There are countless number of timeshare disposal companies masquerading as timeshare helpers or timeshare advocates. Add to that, there is some decent information put out by people who make their living by selling on the secondary market. And then there's the well meaning but timeshare ignorant mainstream reporters who mistakenly paint the entire timeshare community as 'scammers.'

Given that, it's no wonder that timeshare owners continue to get defrauded and prospective timeshare owners continue to make ill-informed purchasing decisions.

I've been writing about and striving to be a catalyst for positive change in the timeshare industry for nine years. I'm happy to say that I've personally helped hundred of consumers. And while I did get my start in timeshare by selling, I have an exemplary record of owners who know how to use their timeshares and continue to rely on me for unbiased information. I have not sold timeshare for many years. I would find it impossible to be responsible for guiding consumers into wise decisions when my true motive is to sell timeshare. I don't know how others do this.

So back to my original question; do timeshare owners need looking after?  YES.  Even if you don't know it, you will at some point need help, guidance, unbiased information, or at the very least, someone who is not trying to sell you something.
My sincere wish for everyone; timeshare owner or prospective timeshare owner, is that you seek out a number of unbiased sources, use some common sense, don't do anything in haste and perhaps more than anything, replace the word 'timeshare' with the word 'car' or 'house' and then ask yourself if you'd do the same thing you're contemplating.


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