Monday, September 22, 2014

Seek Out Those Who Deserve To Be Sought Out

Back in 2011, while attending a timeshare industry meeting, I suggested that the entire timeshare community come out with a strong message. That message being that timeshare owners should NOT do business with any person, company, organization and/or entity that initiated contact.

The people representing various companies within the timeshare community wouldn't agree with me for one reason or another. They had their reasons, I have my guesses as to why.

Back then, as now, I had yet to come across any company that would make me change my stance.

However, it is reassuring that some organizations do in fact echo my stance.   Those organizations are, in my opinion, the ones that are truly looking out for timeshare owners. Seek them out.

1 comment:

  1. This is not the problem and this is not the solution. The very sick part of timeshare is that you buy it, and after that its' *worthless*.

    You have to pay to get rid of it!

    If your timeshare were instead *valuable property* like everything else you have to buy you could have lunatics calling you up, "initiating contact" as you say, and that would fall on deaf ears. Because you don't *need* to get rid of your *worthless* timeshare at all costs.

    It's a serious imbalance of power. It that were cured all the rest would fall into place. Including timeshare sales!

    How much easier would it be to sell you a timeshare if it had a demonstrable value going forward, and was perhaps very easy to sell? Much easier.