Friday, May 22, 2015

All Star Guest Blogger Reviews The Cliffs at Peace Canyon

Before I commence my review of The Cliffs at Peace Canyon I would like to give a few reasons why RCI members should consider a visit to the Las Vegas area. The first reason is obvious ie for the gambling in the numerous casinos on the strip and nearby. This may be the main reason why numerous people come to Las Vegas but it certainly is not for me as I have now visited twice for multiple other reasons. Another reason why people should consider visiting this city is for the top rated shows which are too numerous to mention here in my review. The high end shopping at places such as many of the hotel/casinos will be an attraction for others. Other people will enjoy the free shows on the strip such as the water fountains at the Bellagio. Many people will enjoy just walking around and looking at the sights at the fantastic Las Vegas hotels  Perhaps for myself the two main attractions for visiting Las Vegas was the superb warm weather in the spring and fall without the humidity I am used to at that time of year in Florida. Above all for me the principle attraction for visiting Las Vegas is to take trips to places such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. The last two National Parks were visited on my last trip to Las Vegas and were booked through the timeshare resort with Sweet Tours and what a superb day out it was for us though tiring as it involved travelling about five hundred and sixty miles in one day with a 6-15am pick up from the resort.

I will now commence my review of The Cliffs at Peace Canyon and I would like to start by getting my two negative comments out of the way. Firstly this is one of those resorts where after checking in you are directed to a member of staff from 'guest services' After my fiancée and I had been travelling for about twelve hours all I wanted to do was to get to my unit and rest however we were subjected to the usual invitation to attend a free breakfast or lunch and then have a timeshare presentation to become an owner at the Grand View resort in Las Vegas. I had to say no several times before the lady in question understood that no meant no and we were then able to go to our unit. The second negative about this resort is that my fiancée and myself were not alone in finding the sun loungers to be too firm and uncomfortable. I went up to another guest one day who was sitting on a chair with her feet on another chair. I asked her why she was doing this and she said that it was more comfortable than using the sun loungers in my opinion she was correct in having that view.

I slightly hesitated in making these two negative comments because in every other way this is one of my favourite resorts in RCI. I first visited this resort about twelve years ago and I liked it then and I like it even more now as the units are so spacious and comfortable. I like the fact that both bedrooms in the two bed unit are at the opposite end of the apartment which gives more privacy for the guests. The units have their own washer and dryer which is very convenient. I found our unit to be very quiet but that to some degree depends on who your neighbours are in any particular week.

The pool area is very pleasant with water tumbling into the water on either side of the pool. The pool has a maximum depth of four feet which is unusual in my experience but it was not a problem for me.

I found all the staff to be friendly and helpful especially the young members of staff on 'guest services' as I had some contact with them through booking my day trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

The resort has an excellent computer room which you can use at any time of day. This was particularly useful for printing our boarding passes for our flights back home. There is also a fitness room which to my shame I never stepped into even to look at what equipment they have on offer.

As I am British I am not very comfortable driving on what I see as the wrong side of the road!!!!!!LOL hence I try to avoid visiting timeshare resorts where having a car is essential. I don't believe that it is essential to have a car at this timeshare resort as they have a free minibus which will take you to a large supermarket. The main purpose of the minibus is to take you to the strip which is about ten miles away where they drop you off near the Mirage hotel and casino and from time to time they will take you to Fremont Street. This service is an hourly service leaving the resort from 10am and the last pick up at the strip is at 11-30pm. There is a period in the afternoon when there is no service because the driver is having his lunch break. I met three drivers and they were all very friendly especially Steve from England who supports the English football champions Chelsea while this Steve from England supports Sheffield Wednesday for my sins!!!!!!!LOL.

I have often done reviews for Timeshare Insights at timeshare resorts where there is very limited availability several resorts that I have reviewed in England come to mind also the Manhattan Club in New York is another example. This is not the case with the Cliffs at Peace Canyon as RCI has availability for most weeks over the next two years and at a reasonable exchange trading power. Another issue I should mention is this resort makes a charge of twenty five dollars which you pay at check in this is I believe for services such as the internet though there is a further daily charge of one dollar fifty for high speed internet. While I don't appreciate these extra charges which are now quite common especially in California twenty five dollars for the week is far better than the thirty dollars a day daily charge at the Manhattan Club in New York.

I ask myself at the end of every timeshare vacation would I go back and the answer is yes as for me the positives far outweigh the negatives at this lovely peaceful timeshare resort on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

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