Thursday, May 28, 2015

Help STOP This Timeshare Bill From Passing In Florida

We received this today from our friends at the Florida Timeshare Owners Association and want to pass it along:

The information provided below is from the office of my District's State Representative, Greg Steube.

The proposed revisions to the Florida Timeshare Act, having now been approved by the Senate and the House, are now being sent to Florida's Governor, Rick Scott, for either his approval, or his veto. Once he receives the bill, HB453, he has up to 15 days to either sign the bill, or veto it.

Many timeshare groups, including ours and the National Timeshare Owners Assn., have voted to object to its passage, due to the extremely harmful and immediate negative effects that the proposed changes would create for all present and future owners of timeshare property located within the state of Florida, as well as, in the future, all 50 states.

This bill was created and submitted for legislative filing by the Timeshare Resort Developers, for their sole benefit, and will directly damage and negate the multiple consumer rights and protections that all Florida unit owners have now, that are currently existing within the present state statutes. This bill, HB453, favors only the Resort Developers, and was also supported by the American Resort Developers Assn., ARDA, and their subsidiary, ARDA Resort Owners Coalition, ARDA-ROC.

In order for us to obtain the Governors veto, all individuals and organizations opposed to this bill, must register their objections to this bill's passage directly to the Governors office within the next few days. This is vital, as the Governor's staff is now keeping records of all emails, and especially, all telephone calls, that they receive advocating for a veto.

I am requesting your participation in our efforts to convince Gov. Scott that a veto is most necessary and that the current law should remain unchanged, in order that we, as timeshare owners, may retain its many built-in consumer protections.

Please contact the Governor's Office, by his direct telephone number, 1 (850) 488-7146, Legal Affairs, and state that you are opposed to House bill #453, and request his veto of this bill. A phone call is preferred.
For those who prefer to email the Gov., his direct email address is:

Please note:  You do not have to be a resident of Florida, or even presently own a timeshare in Florida, in order to have your objection registered with the Governors Office. It is also not necessary to provide your address in order to object.

Every FTOG member should/must be concerned enough to participate in this major effort that will impact you, as well as  family members, and all other timeshare owners, effective July 1, 2015, if not vetoed.

And please remember that "Time is of the Essence". Our "window of opportunity" diminishes every day we delay!
We stand with FTOG and the NTOA on asking the governor to VETO this bill and sit down with the entire timeshare community to work  on a new set of timeshare laws that are fair to both sides.
It shouldn't be a matter of win/lose, but a win/win.
Let's do this!

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