Thursday, September 10, 2015

What You Need To Know When Buying A Timeshare-Part 4

Ah yes, apologies...between too many days in the mid 90s with 80% humidity and a full e-mail box every day from confused new timeshare owners who didn't do any homework prior to plopping down their credit card for $15,000 and just today $22,000...I've neglected this important thread.

So I've given you some information on terms /conditions, maintenance fees and assessments.

Today the multi-part question you need to ask is:

Is the resort under developer control or HOA control and if HOA control, who is on the board, can an individual owner be on the board and what has the board done lately?

If you are unsure about why these are important questions to ask, what an HOA is and what does it do and why it's important to ask before you may want to hang unto the credit card until you get those answers.

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