Friday, December 18, 2015

Important Update Regarding Celebration/Festiva/RCI Case

The Class Action suit involving the old Celebration World Resort, Festiva (who took it over) and RCI has been going on for a very long time.

This week, Finn Law Group provided us with this update which I am reprinting in its entirety:

To all prospective class members of the Festiva/Celebration World/RCI litigation:

On December 15, 2015 the parties agreed to settle the proposed class action lawsuit and filed a motion with the court to preliminarily approve the class action settlement.  Attorneys for the parties are scheduled to attend a court hearing on January 25, 2016 regarding the motion to preliminarily approve the proposed settlement.  The link below provides you access to the Motion for Preliminary Approval (without Exhibits), the Proposed Notice, and the Settlement Agreement.  All of these documents are available to the public.

If the judge preliminarily approves the settlement, a notice will be mailed to all class members and there will be an administration process.  As part of the administration process, attorneys with the Finn Law Group, P.A. will be available to answer questions the class members may have regarding the settlement.

Please be advised that the judge has not decided whether to preliminarily approve the settlement.  Therefore, we are unable to answer questions regarding the terms of the proposed settlement until the proposed settlement is preliminarily approved.  Please know that at this time, as a potential class member, Finn Law Group is not your legal counsel.  As such, its attorneys cannot impart legal advice to non-clients.  You have the right to obtain your own attorney at your own expense.

The below link has the above referenced documents and additional information regarding the case. 



  1. I received a propose settlement form from the Claims administrator for
    Reeves v.zealandia holding Co.Inc,at PO Box 170500, Milwaukee, WI 53217-8091. I will inform Finn Law Group, although I do not know what this proposal is. Has any one else received this and if so, do you understand what is going on?

    1. My understanding is that a settlement has been reached. I suggest you contact the Finn Law Group for clarification.

    2. My understanding is that a settlement has been reached. I suggest you contact the Finn Law Group for clarification