Friday, December 11, 2015

Show Me Your Numbers

ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, has come out with its latest finding showing that a family of four saves $18,160 over the cost of 18 years by purchasing a timeshare over using a hotel room.

Here's the link to the infographic:

Here's the numbers they used:

Average Hotel Stay
$3,000 annually for 18 years
Total Cost $54,000

Assuming a 7 night stay, that comes to $428.57 per night

Average Timeshare
$20,000 cost of purchase
$15,840 average maintenance fee ($880 per year)
Total Cost $35,840

Showing a cost savings of $18,160 over an 18 year period.

I'm throwing it open here...agree, disagree?

Show me your numbers.

1 comment:

  1. That is really interesting!

    What "Average" Hotel costs $428 per night?
    Most people could not/would not spend $428 for a "5 Star" Hotel. (, Expedia, VRBO and next Google Travel with 5 Star deals at half of that price. $229 Orlando)

    Will my "Average" Timeshare maintenance bill be $880 in 18 years? No, more likely using 5% increase per year...over $2,000 per year "Over the Long Run"

    Will my resort ever have any "Average" Assessments over 18 years? Probably 3 over that period. Avg $1000 per

    I don't even want to tally all of that up.