Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Insure Someone Will Never Buy a Timeshare From You

This came to me via my Facebook page.  It is redacted, meaning I took off the name of the resort, but unedited.

STAY AWAY FROM ____________________ timeshare!!!
Who do I message about the ____________________ timeshare? I had an awful experience yesterday with my husband and our 1.5 year old son. I've never in my life been spoken to with horrible respect!

We were approached by a guy at the visitor desk at Kroger in Hilton Head. I said to the guy we were fine and the guy said "please if you come I'll give you one hundred dollar Visa card and a 7 day week long trip to our resort for 38.00 dollars a night! He said he will get paid sending us. I still wasn't buying it but my husband has done this before and thought why not?

So we went yesterday. We didn't wait long and the guy came out and walked us to your room where we discussed prices and such. He then took us on a tour of the resort, which we thought was fabulous and he treated us kind (but we knew he was trying to sell us). We went back to the room to discuss numbers and we told him it was not in our budget right now with a child. He stood up and got really defensive with me. He stated do you not see the price I'm giving you is low? Do you not see this? Since you can't see this maybe I don't need your business. I told the guy " please don't get loud and defensive. " he said he wasn't when my husband and I were witnessing him become really angry.

At this point we got up to check out , receive the items that were promised and he took us to another room where more bullying continues! This lady I believe had glasses, was very hateful in her presentation. Our baby boy was getting restless and teething badly. He started to cry more when I told my husband I'm stepping out because this is rediculous we don't have to take this and Caleb is upset. The lady was very hostile and rude and said "ma'am you need to stay here !" I thought excuse me? I'm sure it's in their policy but to tell me what I can't do with my child to calm him down was very alarming. She began to pick and bully at my husband and I. I told her the young man was nice until we said no, and he became hostile! Then she began to say so the reason you are saying no is your blaming it on you having a child? And you don't see we were making a deal for you? Do you not comprehend the numbers? I said ma'am we do we are not ignorant and we came because we were offered a card and stay! She then got more hostile! and I walked off in tears!

I said have a blessed day and reported her to the front desk - I'm missing a lot of what he and she said but you get the just. They were bullying us !!!!! Please stay away from ________________ and their timeshare! They are horrible and bullies!!!!! We will not be using our 7 day vacation voucher because we found out it's all scam! The desk at Kroger is SCAM!!!!!

Do I believe this?  Sadly, I do.  Is this anyway to treat consumers?  Absolutely not.

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