Sunday, May 15, 2016

Five Timeshare Myths Debunked

1)    Timeshare Is Not A Sought After Product

Tell that to the thousands or millions of people who buy timeshare on the legitimate secondary market every year.  This myth continues to be foisted upon the industry and the public in order to maintain the outdated sales techniques still being used.

2)    Timeshares Are Real Estate-Real Estate Appreciates

If the real estate crash of 2007 taught us anything, it’s that real estate doesn’t always appreciate.  Additionally, far too many timeshares are being sold each year that aren’t backed with any real estate at all. 

3)    My Heirs Are Stuck With My Timeshare When I Die

Any decent lawyer should be able to handle this for you or your heirs.  Just like your heirs don’t have to accept grandmother’s cuckoo clock, they don’t have to accept/take over the timeshare.

4)    I Got A Great Deal On My Timeshare Because The Resort Gave Me Money For My Old One

And I have a great deal on a bridge in Brooklyn…are you interested?  So you think that the resort gave you a discount of $20,000 on the $40,000 timeshare they were trying to get you to buy based on your existing timeshare?  Your timeshare was probably only worth $2,000…the $40,000 was a made up price to see where you’d “bite” and what do you think the timeshare in Florida is going to do with your 20 year old timeshare in South Carolina?  You’ve been had.

5)    Timeshares Make Vacation Planning Easier

Unless you own a fixed week and plan on going back to your home resort, vacation planning can in some cases be more time consuming than renting a hotel.  You better start planning your vacation 12 months out if you want to get what you want, OR be able to take advantage of last minute, i.e. 30 days or less out deals.


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