Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lies, Lies and More Lies

These horror stories continue to come to me. I get something similar to this at least once a week. 

WHY is this allowed to happen?  WHY is local consumer media loathe to cover these stories?  WHY is ARDA not taking any action when these sales tactics are being reported to them?

‘We were mislead, misinformed, lied to and basically not given important information on several different things during a 6 hour Timeshare Sales Presentation while in Branson, Missouri . 

We said NO several times but that did not satisfy the Sales Personnel. After we thought they accepted our NO, they sent in someone else called the Hospitality Person which we thought would be the end of our excruciating experience where we would get our gifts and leave, but it was not. 

She talked fast and moved us quickly to purchase a so called "Sampler Package" with the understanding we could cancel just like any other Timeshare purchase, but found out later that we could not cancel it according to what they say is Missouri law. We just wanted out the door!!!  

We went back the next day to try to cancel the "Sampler", but were told we couldn't. They put us with one of their higher up personnel who gave us the same old sales pitch convincing us to purchase a Timeshare package and telling us the "Sampler" package would go away...and "unofficially" telling us we could cancel that purchase with the understanding it would ALL go away since we were not happy purchasers.  

HELP, we are presently stuck with this "Sampler" package that's come back to haunt us even though we cancelled the "Timeshare" purchase. We are NOT HAPPY at all with DRI and needing advice on what we can do.’

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Would You Fall For These When Buying A Car?

Consumers purchase a lot of products and services each and everyday. Most, though not all of these purchases, are not impulse buys. Sure, you may buy a candy bar, OK a whole bag of candy bars, a pair of jeans or even a $300 purse because it’s cute.

But when was the last time you purchased anything for $20,000 on impulse? How about buying something for $20,000 after a 5 hour high pressure sales presentation where there’s no possible way to read the terms and conditions before you sign the contract?

For some reason that I’ve yet to comprehend, consumers do this ONLY with timeshare. There’s some ‘mojo’ about buying a timeshare that sways people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Don’t believe me? Read over these situations. All I did was substitute car for timeshare and oil changes, gasoline and front wheel alignments for annual maintenance fees.

Would you buy the car under these circumstances?

Buy the midsize car and whenever you drive, we’ll upgrade you to a full size one.

Buy the car using our financing and you won’t have to pay for any upkeep.

The only way you’ll be able to sell your car is if you buy this other car, then you can sell them together.

Buy this car and you can drive it anywhere. Until you find out you’re not getting a steering wheel.

If you want to drive the car in another state, you have to buy another car in that state.

If you ever want to rent out your car for a week, call me and I’ll help you do it. You’ll make enough to pay for your gas and upkeep for the year.

You’ll be able to sell this car because we’re running out of inventory. Only to find out that the value of said car is nil.

Buy the car today for the today only price and I’ll teach you how to drive it. But only after your ability to cancel the purchase has passed.

Buy this car and the cost of maintaining it will never go up.

Buy this car today and when you refer your friends to this special website, you’ll get 20% of their purchases in cash which you can use for oil changes.

Buy the car today and if you’re ever not happy with it, we’ll buy it back for what you paid for it, there’s nothing to lose.

Buy another car and you won’t ever have to pay for an oil change.

Buy this car today, but you’re not going to be able to drive it for 6 months.

Every single one of these claims was made to an unsuspecting consumer at a timeshare sales pitch.

While I find it despicable that salespeople are allowed, even encouraged, to say whatever is necessary to get the same and the developer has the law on their side by using the ‘you signed the contract’ defense, consumers MUST take sone responsibility.

So listen carefully the next time you find yourself at a timeshare sales pitch. Would you buy a car under those promises?

Of course not.

So until we can get the laws changed, you have to vote with your wallet. Don’t let this continue.