Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The NFL Players Association Has to Approve This?!?!

You’re not going to believe this. I didn’t, but alas, it’s true. This could only take place within the weird world that’s timeshare. 

There’s a salesperson, referred to as a Vacation Counselor, at a Diamond Resorts property-Daytona Beach Regency-by the name of Elgin Davis. Mr Davis is a former NFL player-New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. Is this the real Elgin Davis, or someone pretending to be Elgin Davis?  Either way, read on. 

A current Diamond owner was on a sales presentation with Mr Davis and reported that Mr. Davis said, “he could get us the  $3.96 per point price, compared to the $9.00 price he showed us, but he would have to contact the NFL Players Association to get it because he is Diamond's NFL Ambassador for the ProBowl.”

Let that sink in. If I were to enroll in every creative writing class known to man, I could not conjure up such a whacked out sales pitch. 

Oh, and lest I forget, the current owner who reported this is over 80 years old and is in no shape, financially or otherwise, to purchase more timeshare. 

And of course, the $9.00 per point is a number pulled out of a hat. The number that should be paid attention to is what is this timeshare ‘worth’ when it comes time to sell. 

I’d like to hear from anyone at Diamond who can tell me if in fact the salesperson really is who he claims to be. I’m more interested in hearing from anyone at Diamond who would like to comment on Mr Davis’ ‘creative’ sales pitch. 

I wonder what the NFL has to say about this?

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