Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. So Called Expert Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

I recently came across a column by a well-known "consumer advocate" where he answered a letter concerning timeshare presentations.

Now, I have written extensively about the insanity of timeshare presentations...and have survived any number of them myself as a former timeshare my thoughts are well known on the subject.

But this "consumer advocate" went off track and really bashed timeshare stating that an overwhelmingly large number of owners (97% he said) were dis-satisfied with their timeshare. NOT TRUE! Most people who own their timeshare are quite satisfied thank you. He went on to say that timeshares have absolutely no redeeming feature. And what do you base this on, Mr. So Called Expert?

I immediately posted a comment with the truth, which I doubt he will have the "you know what" to post because I dared to disagree with him.

When members of the media go on the record with blatently untrue stories about timeshare, it is up to you, me and everyone else who knows the truth to counter them. There is much wrong with timeshare as we all know. Yet, there is much good and right with timeshare as well. Members of the media who are quick to dismiss the entire industry as bad are just as bad as timeshare salesperson who use my four dreaded words, "free", "perfect", "always" and/or "never." They simply aren't to be believed.

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