Friday, September 24, 2010

Confusion Still Reigns Supreme

I was pleased to attend THETRADESHOW (Travel Retail and Destination Expo) a few weeks ago and meet travel journalists and professionals from all over the world.

One of the exhibitors dealt with timeshare...I won't reveal their name here...don't need any more bad blood, bad press, etc. This particular company was one of the ones that charges an advance listing fee, which I've covered in depth in previous posts. This listing fee was $1,000 for "lifetime" in their words and covered both sales and rentals.

Wanting to find out more, I politely asked, "OK, what happens if the consumer only wants to rent out their timeshare one year and only wants (or can obtain) $700 for the rental? Why would anyone pay $1,000 to get $700?"

Seemed a simple enough question and I was expecting some clarification on the $1,000. But no, I received a quizzical look as though the question had not been understood. So I repeated my question. And the answer was "That's a really good question, I've never heard that one before."

Before you think that the answer came from some low level employee, that confused person was no one less than the Director of Marketing.

Sigh...and this is STILL the face of "timeshare" that is put out there.


  1. At the Travel Retail and Destination Expo there was only one timeshare exhibitor and they were a transfer co? WOW

  2. Howy: Actually both Summer Bay Resorts and Bluegreen Resorts were exhibiting at the show, as well as RCI Endless Vacations, however the only one that really emphasized the word "timeshare" was this "transfer" company.