Monday, September 20, 2010

Lots Of Things To Report Today

First things first...I've finally decided on both a title and a distribution method for the new book. I'm finalizing the chapters this week and will be soliciting input for several of them in an effort to make this book everything is can/should be. Stay tuned for updates.

There will be a meeting held right here in Orlando on Friday, October 15th dealing with real estate licensure, less than honest timeshare related companies and consumer protection. I'm excited about this as it will bring together people and organizations working for the common good, including the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, the Better Business Bureau and various media entities.

Thirdly, on Monday, October 4th, I'll be guest lecturing at the University of Central Florida-Rosen College of Hospitality Management. This will be a sales class and I'll be posting some of the questions that the college students ask during this class. It is always an enlightening experience..most college students catch on really quickly that in order to succeed with today's consumers, the timeshare industry must move away from selling and move towards letting consumers purchase.

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