Monday, February 28, 2011

Read Your Paperwork!

If you've recently purchased a timeshare and are still within your legal recession timeframe, I strongly urge you to carefully read ALL of the documents that you were given.

Lately, consumers have been writing me asking if certain things are "legal." While I am not an attorney and can not offer legal advice or opinions, I do tell them that if they signed the documents and the documents themselves are legal, there is not much recourse if the recession time has expired.

What are they writing to me about? No limit on the annual fee increases, no membership in the resort's HOA, not being able to get back to the home resort, other types of "ownership" that have no connection to weeks or points...the list is practically endless.

Read ALL of your documentation. Make the deeder or verification officer go over EVERYTHING in the legal documents, paragraph by paragraph, take as long as you need. If something doesn't sound right to you, chances are it's not right. Question everything. Don't assume anything.

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