Monday, February 7, 2011

Timeshare Question #1 And A Clarification

Still the #1 question I get asked by consumers and the media alike (closely followed by questions related to getting rid of a timeshare):

What timeshare is the best?

My answer? There is no such thing as the best timeshare. Among the myriad of questions to need to look at are:

* do you plan on using the timeshare more to trade or more at your home resort?
* are you a spontaneous traveler, or do you like to plan months ahead of time?
* what would make your vacations better?

And now the clarification: Timeshare Insights does NOT rent, sell, buy, broker, list, transfer or represent any timeshare or any timeshare company. We write about the timeshare industry, provide education to timeshare owners, timeshare students and prospective timeshare owners and are an unbiased, independent consultancy company.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I agree with you! I believe timeshare
    is also a matter of timing!

  2. I would never buy a timeshare. There are way to many timeshare relief scams out there. But I would rent one for a week or 2.

  3. Buying a timeshare has nothing at all to do with the timeshare relief operations. If you buy what is right for you, you would never need to even look at one of these companies.