Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Bore Me

There's actually a website out there called "How To Get Free Stuff from a Timeshare Presentation." Can you believe it? How insane.

The author seems to be proud of himself by saying that, "the situation my wife and I faced was the need to get cheap Walt Disney World tickets." (Emphasis mine.) First of all, no one NEEDS Walt Disney World tickets and as eveyone knows, Disney tickets are not cheap because Walt Disney World is not a cheap place. If you can't afford to go buddy, then stay home!

The idea of timeshare to begin with is to reallocate money that you are already spending on when he says that he was able to get through a timeshare presentation "without commiting (sic) ourselves to a long term financial situation" he makes no sense whatsoever. You're already in a long term financial situation if you are going on vacation and spending money on accommodations.

I won't bore you with the typos that this guy has all over his website, it's just not worth it..I mean after all, how hard is it to spell the word "presentation"?

His book goes for $6.99. I'll save you the time and expense of ordering this worthless bunch of paper. DON'T go timeshare presentations at all if you:

* spend less than $500 per person per year on vacation
* think that giving up 3+ hours of your vacation for tickets is a good deal
* don't understand the value of owning your vacation over renting your vacations
* have a closed mind

Look, timeshares are NOT for everyone. But if they aren't for you, why would you want to sit through presentation after presentation after presentation? Aren't you bored already? You know what, as a former timeshare salesperson, you bore me.


  1. Heh.
    No kidding.
    The guy didn't make the system. He could be completely uninterested in owning a timeshare, but as long as he otherwise qualifies there is nothing whatsoever keeping him from going to a presentation to get swag.

    I mentioned this at a timeshare presentation, the valuable swag, bribes being given out to fill the room.

    The answer from the sales manager was "See this room? Without that this would be empty. We need people in here. Without giving those nearly worthless trips to Hawaii we'd have no one to sell to." He's not wrong, but it's to be expected that some people will take advantage of the valuable swag.

    If that's not good for you, stop giving stuff away and figure out how to make timeshares valuable in and of themselves. As it is, mostly you are trying to sell something to people at outlandishly inflated prices to pay the mega large marketing costs.

    The marketing costs are high because most timeshares suck for value. Especially when sold by the developer.

    I have had salesmen suggest it made economic sense for me to give them $60,000 for 4 weeks a year of vacations. I just said "OK, show me why that makes sense". They couldn't. Not with figures, that is. Only by emotion.

    I could rent those very same premises for the cost of the annual maintenance without buying anything at all, even from them.

    It made no sense to spend any money buying from them. I haven't found one yet that made sense, but I am willing to listen.

    It really blows their mind when I say "OK, you're up. Convince me". I guess it's not an approach they have been trained to handle.

  2. Good points. I agree that something has to be done about the value proposition of timeshare.