Monday, August 1, 2011

Moving In The Right Direction

I had a great opportunity to meet with some dedicated timeshare owners and some wonderful timeshare professionals over the weekend.

Frank DeBar, president of the Florida Timeshare Users Group, was gracious enough to invite me to attend his group's summer meeting and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and learn from some truly forward thinking timeshare professioanls.

I'll be writing more over the next week or so, but a hearty "thanks" to Woody Cary from Tricom Management, Scott MacGregor from InnSeasons Resorts and Rich Muller from Vacation Resorts International.  Not only did these gentlemen share their knowledge and insights about timeshare, but they acknowledged the issues that the industry faces and all realized the need for change.

On a personal note, I received a shot in the arm when all three of them acknowledged what I've been doing with Timeshare Insights and encouraged and invited me to both continue and work with them.

Thanks guys for the positive vibes!


  1. Timeshare is a fitting industry for a person with as little talent as the self promoting Woody Cary.

  2. You will notice that because this is a blog and therefore, people can post comments, your comment WAS indeed posted.

    I'll just take a minute to say that I disagree 100% with your assessment of Mr. Cary, who I have found to be a tremendous asset to any business.

  3. You can't be serious.

  4. Since your comments were anonymous, I have no idea who you are or why you seem to have an axe to grind with Mr. Cary.

    However, I'd like to say to you that you are certainly welcome to comment and post your views, but it would be nice to have some positive interaction and thoughts.

    If you don't agree with Mr. Cary, what are your thoughts on timeshare and moving the industry forward?

  5. I've seen Mr. Cary's act and he can fool "all of the people some of the time". He is an insincere manipulative user of people. Yes, he is knowledgeable about timeshare, but as a manager and a business person he is a lightweight.

    PS- These postings are anonymous due to the vindictive nature of Mr. Cary's nature.

  6. While I appreciate any insight that anyone can bring to this blog or timeshare in general, I would think that you would have something more substantial to add to the ongoing conversation than to attack Mr. Cary, anonymously at that.

    Are there not bigger issues to contend with?

    I don't work with Mr. Cary, I don't work for Mr. Cary and I would appreciate more constructive comments on many serious issues the industry and timeshare owners around the world are dealing with.