Friday, May 10, 2013

Timeshare Needs To Focus On Timeshare

You wouldn't think this would be necessary to say, but the timeshare industry needs to regain their focus on timeshare and stop wasting time and energy on other things.

What other things?  Travel/vacation clubs for one.

It always struck me (in my overly simplistic thinking) that the very notion of travel/vacation clubs flew squarely in the face of timeshares.  For years, timeshare developers, salespeople and organizations touted themain benefit of timeshare was ownership.  And that does continue to hold a great deal of interest for many people.

But lately, I've noticed a proliferation in the number of various sorts of travel/vacation clubs that are regularly attending and exhibiting at major timeshare conferences.  To further cloud matters, some of the executives of these clubs are speaking at these conferences.

Trade publications are full of ads and editorial features on travel/vacation clubs.  Writers who "specialize" in timeshare are now reporting on them.  PR professionals who represent various timeshare developers are also taking these clubs on as clients.

Timeshare is at a scary point right now.  It can go either way.  I'm trying to figure out what these clubs have to do with the future of timeshare.  Or, are they the future?

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