Friday, August 2, 2013

Timeshare Good Guys vs. Timeshare Bad Guys

There are lots of good companies in the timeshare community and there are millions of happy, satisfied and knowledgeable timeshare owners out there.

There I said it.

However, as everyone is well aware of there are lots of not so good companies out there.  Companies that employ people that strong arm consumers, lie to consumers and have questionable at best business practices.  Every week, Google News delivers these stories to my mailbox..,many of which I report on here on the blog.

What I find curious about all these stories is the total and complete lack of a reasonable rebuttal from the timeshare community or any action to disassociate the general timeshare community from these bad guys.  To say nothing of a public "shaming" or outing.

Why is this?

Why won't the timeshare community police itself?

Perception, especially on the part of consumers, is reality as we all know.  And the perception is that "everyone" in the timeshare community is a bad guy.  Unfortunately, the good guys lack of conviction to stand up for themselves and disassociate from the bad guys may very well signal the beginning of the end.

Is anyone out there brave enough?  Anyone?

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