Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Did You Buy Your First Timeshare?

Why did you?

Little research project I'm doing.

As always, you can use your real name or remain anonymous.



  1. Because I stupidly believed that hotel prices were going to continually rise and that the timeshare would save us money. WRONG.

  2. My first timeshare purchase was a share of houseboat on Lake Powell, Utah-Arizona. The cost to buy it was the same as one year to rent. We owned it and used it for 15 years. Loved every minute of it and it was a sad sad day when we sold it. Great memories and photos of the kids growing up on the Lake, one of the best things we ever bought. You have to buy a timeshare where you know you are going to go every year and then GO every year.

    1. Sounds like a great place. Your advice is well founded. Thanks.

  3. Because I think they have a good value and are an excellent opportunity to travel around the world for a good cost

  4. I bought on the resale market for a specific resort that I was familiar with and wished to stay at and not trade. Initially, I was able to trade my 2 bedroom internally for 2 weeks in a 1 bedroom and a maintenance fee of $500. Good deal!! This worked great for about 5 years but for the last 2 years there has been no availability for the internal trade, with maintenance fees rising to $1000. So everything changes; the reason I bought is no longer valid so I'm regretting this purchase and would never recommend any timeshare purchase. They are good places to stay, but rent, do not buy.