Friday, August 16, 2019

Anatomy of a Timeshare Exit Scam

I pulled this complaint off the Internet. It’s against one of those self-proclaimed exit companies offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I’ve redacted the name of the company for two reasons:  First, I don’t need them knocking on my door and secondly, the names of these companies are pretty much interchangeable. Scam companies all operate the same way. 

How many red flags can you find in this tale of woe?

I let REDACTED NAME handle the process of relieving my time share with **** ***** ****** starting back in September of 2017. I chose them due to a 100% money back guarantee and 100% guarantee of relieving the time share with in 18 months. 

I mainly dealt with Anthony "Tony" D***** and at times Robert Mo****. I also spoke with two ladies, Jen and Amy. Over the coarse of time, I spent $44,880 with them and was guaranteed a $97,625.86 return. 

I have received nothing from anybody. They actually did relieve me of my time share, which where paid for, only was paying maintenance fees and membership fees. In stead of **** ***** buying back the time share deeds, REDACTED NAME became the third party and sold the two deeds, I have yet to receive and financials on these, I don't know what they sold them for. I have been told I have to sign a disclosure form about not discussing with the press, newspaper, etc. about the financial returns or anything to deal with **** ***** ******* before finalizing MBO and settlement. I called Tony two weeks ago to follow up on this he doesn't return my calls. I went out and found the complaints with the BBB on this company and realized I am not the only person going through the same thing. I tried calling them on Monday and Wednesday last week and no one would answer the phones. On Thursday last week, all phone are now disconnected. There is no doubt this company turned out to be scam artist. In order to be so convincing, they had to have real estate license and work for a timeshare company in the past to know everything they knew and to be convincing in the process. 

I don't know if you can get this resolved or not with these people. I don't know if they got caught or closed shop and disappeared. Please help if you can, all I am trying to do is get back what I have spent and a financial settlement on the sale of my two deeds if possible.

Here’s another one:

I entered into a agreement with REDACTED NAME to rid myself of a timeshare. I paid them $1500.00 upfront and was promised that all would be resplosed in 180 days. 

Since I have received numerous phone calls from a Robert M and an Anthony M proclaiming great progress has been made but they needed money for the closing, etc, SI I "studiedly sent them $14,000 plus for this. and to date. 

Anthony M has called me a couple of times informing me that I will be receiving funds in the amount ranging from $27,000 to 41,000. Nothing has happen. And no response to my emails or phones calls.

I know I’ve repeated this many times, but since people kept getting ripped off, I’ll repeat it again:  DO NOT PAY ANYONE UPFRONT TO GET OUT OF OR SELL YOUR TIMESHARE. There are legitimate ways of getting out of a timeshare that you still owe on, but it’s extremely difficult. 

If you don’t owe anything on the timeshare, I’m baffled as to why you’d pay to get out of it. Call your resort. List it for $200. Rent it for the maintenance fees. Anything but paying upfront. 

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